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We are a team of fun loving, friendly chefs, based near Chichester, West Sussex.

Artisan, Wood fired pizza is our passion. We pride ourselves on our sour dough based pizzas which have a fantastic rustic flavour. All our pizzas are freshly made, hand stretched and topped with our finest locally sourced ingredients right in front of the oven for everyone to enjoy.

Many catering vehicles offer good pizza, but we believe we offer something a little more unique. As our name suggests, our pizza oven is housed in the back of our specially converted Land Rover Defender 'Chi-Chi'. It is a near one tonne stone oven, which, once up to a temperature of 450℃ can cook 2-3 pizzas at a time in just 90 seconds. It is quite a sight to see a roaring fire within a Land Rover and never fails to create a buzz and raise a cheeky smile among guests.


Our oven is powered by kiln dried ash wood giving it the perfect smouldering flavour to kiss any food with that smoky flavour.

From corn on the cob brushed with chilli butter to hand made garlic bread we have lots of different options to add to your event.

If you are interested in having The Land Doughver at your next event or would like more information:

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